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D24 0949

Notice of correction

Fromagerie Polyethnique issues a correction notice in its cheese packaging!

In accordance with a complaint from our quality assurance department and in accordance with the procedures in place, Fromagerie Polyethnique wishes to issue this correction notice concerning the carbohydrate levels of its cheese products.

In fact, the internal investigation found that the software did not use some aspects in the manufacture of the product to establish the carbohydrate values. Therefore, a thorough analysis by an independent laboratory was requested and the result confirmed an error in the Nutrition Facts tables regarding the carbohydrate levels of the cheese products. In accordance with the quality assurance plan in force, Fromagerie Polyethnique quickly corrected the situation by ordering new printing plates, adjusting the public information, notifying interested persons and customers and issuing this notice of correction.

"Fromagerie Polyethnique would like to apologize for any impact this error may have had. It goes without saying that at no time was the quality or safety of the product altered by this error, "recalled Annick Bougie, quality assurance supervisor at Fromagerie Polyethnique.