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Description du fromage :

CEDAR plain yogurt is a firm yogurt: fermentation takes place in each individual jar and the yogurt is not stirred after. Available in 650g jars and, in three different fat contents: 0, 2 and 3,25 %The origins of yogurt date back to the year 6000 BC in Central Asia, more specifically in the region that is now Turkey. Herdsmen milked their animals, and used the skin and stomachs of the animals as containers for storage. The combination of enzymes and microbial flora of these containers, in addition to that of milk may have resulted in a lactic curd. When they dared tasting this processed milk, herdsmen enjoyed the taste and realized that it could be kept longer.Today in the West, yogurt is usually eaten sweet as a dessert or snack. However, immigrants from around the Mediterranean such as Lebanon, Greece and Turkey use it in several sauces, soups and dishes, as well as to garnish many main dishes. They also appreciate its slightly lemony taste when eating it in its most simple form.

Forme du fromage :


Poids par fromage :

650 g

Produits disponibles :

Déclaration des ingrédients :

Modified milk ingredients, active bacterial cultures

Certifications :

Products are certified HALAL by the Muslim consumer group under the brand CEDAR Phoenicia.

Informations nutritionnelles :

Régulier :


Léger :


Mi-chèvre :

tvn yog Ce 3.25